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Selkirk Jens Pedersen

I was born to create.

I love to film.

And most of all,

I love to edit raw footage into engaging works of art that moves people to action.





I was raised with an awareness to be a contributor to the earth--to give back and use my talents to make a better world. My parents instilled a value of living a life that included global service. I discovered my passion for filming and editing when I was still in the single digits beginning with an old Sony camcorder and Imac's Movie Maker editing software. Simply put, I was hooked on movie-making and creating videos became my captivating hobby!


Since then, my every waking moment has been fueled behind the lens capturing family stories, documenting landmark events, and snapping up childhood moments depicting the comradere of friendship. I am grateful to be part of the 2% of the world's population fortunate enough to make a living with their hobby.


Inspired by Go-Pro heros, technical editing classes, and Youtube footage studies, I relish the challenge of creating mini-projects given a designated subject matter.  


Of course, I especially gravitate toward video and photography projects that inspire action in creating positive world change.